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In Defence of the Green Party

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

On December 25, 2020 a complaint of transphobia was filed against the Georgia Green Party by the National Lavender Caucus (NLC). The complaint seeks to have the party's accreditation revoked which would expel them from the National Party. What was their horrendous transphobic act? They endorsed the Women’s Declaration of Sex Based Rights and allowed the use of the GAGP logo on their website and promotional materials.

The Georgia Green Party, a champion of human rights, has been a member of good standing in the United States since 1999. They are committed to finding nuanced and fair ways to balance the rights of all people, including transgender people and women.

Upon receipt of the complaint, the party requested a fair trail and open dialogue, which was denied. So instead, on May 23, 2021, the party hosted video dispositions with expert witnesses:

Scott Newgent - Trans man, TReVoices

Aaron Kimberly - Trans Man, GDAC

Dr Julia Mason - Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine

Hilla Kerner - Vancouver Rape Relief

Sinead Watson - Detransitioned woman

Amparo Domingo - Women's Human Rights Campaign

GDAC participated in giving testimony in defence of the Greens because it is our position that we, as people with Gender Dysphoria, do not need to deny our biological reality nor infringe upon the rights of others in order to have rights for ourselves. We do not support the use of gender ideology to understand Gender Dysphoria. We support the Georgia Green Party in their commitment to engage in respectful, open dialogue with the goal of finding fair solutions for all people. We do not support the tactics of the National Lavender Caucus - to silence and cancel anyone who looks outside of their narrative for solutions. Their authoritarian stance is not welcome in a peaceful, fair, and democratic society, and is not compatible with our efforts to build bridges in our communities.

Watch all witness testimony here:

For more information:

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