Purple City

 Leadership Board 

Aaron Kimberly

Aaron K has been a mental health clinician since 2008 after 15 yrs as a graphic designer. He lives in Canada, with a banjo on his knee. He medically transitioned in 2006. 

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Aaron Terrell

Aaron Terrell

Aaron Terrell is an American transman interested in the causes of gender dysphoria as well as the sociopolitical trends that facilitate medical transition. 

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Buck Angel

Buck has been on the cutting edge of producing trans male sexual wellness products & films since 2002. He's a public speaker, entrepreneur, & educator. He transitioned twenty-seven years ago. 

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Janet Scott

Janet S has worked in education for over 20 years. She lives in the US with a small herd of cats (hence her social media handle "Catlady"). She medically transitioned in 2016-2017. 

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Kenneth Pirie

Kenneth is a long-haul trucker. Prior to this Kenneth worked in harm-reduction addiction and mental health services. Kenneth lives in Canada with the amazing Miniature American Shepherd  Abigail. He began medical
transition in 2005

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Mars Fernandez

Mars produces the popular podcast The Mars Show (Formerly Trans Bruh). He's never been shy about diving into challenging trans-related topics with a calm and rational style. 

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Purple City

 Advisory Board 

Dr Ray Blanchard
Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. He was a member of the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group for the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and has made significant contributions to research of Gender Dysphoria. 

Dr Oren Amitay
Clinical psychologist and university lecturer of 20 different psychology courses approximately 200 times since 2000, including Human Sexuality, Gender, Clinical Psychology, Personality, Research and Statistics.

Dr Lisa Littman 

Dr. Littman is a physician-scientist and currently the President and Director of the Institute for Comprehensive Gender Dysphoria Research. Her research is focussed on GD and desistance/detransition. 

Sinead Watson

Sinéad is a 30-year-old detransitioned woman from Scotland who underwent medical transition between 2015-2019. She is an advocate for balanced, evidence-based care of gender questioning youth. 

GNC Centric


A detransitioned dysphoric lesbian and second wave feminist. She is well known for her YouTube Channel, is the founder of Detrans Canada and is also a member of the

LGB Alliance Canada. 

Levi Pay
Levi is a policy, strategy and higher education specialist with experience in a range of UK organisations, including several universities, the Scottish Parliament, Stonewall and the Equality Challenge Unit.

Pam Buffone
Pam is a software executive in the field of data analytics and a part of the leadership team at Genspect, an international 
organization representing parents
of gender questioning youth. 

Severus Hama-Owamparo 

Severus is an African trans man and community psychologist  His work focuses on addressing mental health challenges and human rights violations faced by gender and sexual diverse individuals in Africa.

To Be Announced

We will shortly be announcing new members of our Advisory Board.  Watch this space…

The greatest movement for social justice our country has ever known is the civil rights movement and it was totally rooted in a love ethic.

bell hooks

Gender Dysphoria Alliance (GDA) was formed in 2021 as a small group of community members who are concerned about the direction that gender medicine and activism has taken.  We've created this platform to give others who share our concerns a place to learn, network, teach, and tell their own stories. Our network is quickly growing and partnering with other similar groups and individuals around the world. 

Though our members come from diverse cultural backgrounds, hold various political and spiritual beliefs, and different professional designations, GDA is not formally affiliated with any political party, religious organization or professional association. 


Our members don't agree about everything but we are committed to thoughtful and respectful dialogue, working through complex ideas and forging a new path forward for those with GD, alongside others in our communities. 

GDA does not provide medical, mental health or legal services.


We strive to be free of conflicts of interest.