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Our Mission

  1. Educate about Gender Dysphoria (GD)

  2. Advocate for safe, evidence-based care

  3. Support those who detransition or desist

  4. Support women’s and LGB sex-based rights





Educate about Gender Dysphoria


We believe:


There are different types of GD (e.g. HSTS, AGP, ROGD, DSD-related)

People with GD deserve care and dignity

When we understand GD, we have agency in our own lives and decision-making

Support should be tailored to the individual. Different types of GD have different needs

If certain types of GD are considered unmentionable, we reinforce shame

GD is a condition, not a culture. We are free to have our own cultures and values. 


Advocate for evidence-based care

We believe:

Safe-keeping is not “gatekeeping”

Clinical practices should be based on peer-reviewed evidence, not activism or ideology

Thorough assessment, mental health care and education are essential

Debate, enquiry and scientific methods are pillars of competent clinical practices


Support those who detransition, regret or desist


We believe: 


Detransition is a valid choice that deserves respect and care

Many people with GD do not find relief from medical interventions

Many people with GD choose non-medical solutions to their distress

Sometimes other experiences are mistaken for GD


Support sex-based rights


We endorse: 


The realities of biological sex

Women’s sex-based rights


LGB sex-based rights


- - -



We wish to build bridges and mend relationships with other communities

We DO NOT wish to violate the rights of others

We have both rights, and responsibilities to society