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Hey, I’m a Black Trannie and I Think Dave Chappelle is BASED - Sue Me!

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

by Cat D. (@clickclackcathy on Twitter)

I’ve been a fan of Dave Chappelle for easily half of my life. Chappelle’s Show was a pop culture phenomenon that captivated every teenager in the mid-2000s, even years after the cancellation. The infamous skits - Rick James (“FUCK YO COUCH!”), Prince playing basketball, P. Diddy and The Band, the Racial Draft, Clayton Bigsby the black white-supremacist, etc. - were all sketches burned into my memory. I’ve even seen him live once - he legitimately smoked entire pack of cigarettes on stage throughout the set at the PNC Bank Arts Center leg of the Oddball Comedy Festival in 2013 in Holmdel, NJ. So, to be fair, I’m biased.

The outrage machine over the “transphobic” comments made by Dave Chappelle during his “The Closer” special (the last of 6 on his current Netflix deal - excellent timing, I’m sure he’ll renew for even MORE money now) went into overdrive over the last few weeks. I read a few hours ago: “Let’s see if the news cycle for this outlasts Afghanistan”. This is funny to me - it exemplifies the way the media can twist people’s emotions with ease, when its in regards to the EXALTED LGBT+ protected class. Humor is not allowed to any degree, with these eternally victimized people, under the current Overton Window of political correctness.

As a transwoman who enjoys comedy and believe in total freedom of speech, this irks me to no end. I don’t want to be a part of, nor do I want to facilitate, a culture where people can’t feel comfortable to make jokes around me or even about me (under the right circumstances). I, for sure, don’t want someone to lose their job and livelihood because they made even the slightest pejorative statement about trannies or transgenderism or anything surrounding it. But perhaps I’m a minority in the trans “community” - if there is a such a thing. I don’t ascribe to the “words are violence!” school of thought - it’s just a way to police speech of people you don’t like. Labeling people as racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. erroneously in effort to “cancel” them, then hide under the rock of protection that is eternal victimhood and the corporate LGBT money printing machine doesn’t sound what a group of oppressed people would be doing. It sounds like a group of infantilized, mean-spirited people who believe they have the moral high ground, so they are absolved any wrongdoing whatsoever. Where is the strength this group of people once had? 2021 trannies need to talk to some old heads, folks who grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Dave, like many comedians of the current day, has actually conformed quite a bit to the political correctness of the day. Go back 10-15 years ago and compare comedy to current day - it’s gotten quite tame. In “The Closer”, Dave makes other “offensive” jokes that most aren’t calling attention to. For example, he mentions how he saw someone in a club whom he believed was male, then realized the individual was just a butch lesbian - which led him to adapt his demeanor from one of being confrontational, to being more calm (as to let her know he wasn’t going to fight her). I don’t know, I found that whole bit pretty funny. Dave almost beat the shit out of lesbian in a club - could you imagine the TMZ articles the next day? Why weren’t the Lesbian lobby coming out to cancel Dave here? Just curious.

To summarize the big controversy, Dave stated he was TEAM “TERF” - trans-exclusionary radical feminist, in jest, when trying to delve deep into the black vs. LGBT battle for who is the America’s #1 minority group (too high IQ of a conversation for most people to have openly). He mentions how cis-women see transwomen how blacks see people doing blackface (painting one’s face in a dark complexion - either to imply African ancestry or maybe just too much self tanner? you decide!). He also brings up transwomen encroaching on women’s spaces (I suspect this comment trigger a lot of transfolk). He wraps it up with bringing up his good friend, Daphne Dorman, a comedian who happened to be a transwoman. Dave explains that Daphne killed herself (this was a root of her defending Dave from people accusing him of being transphobic - the trolling was a bit much). Daphne stated that Dave was not “punching down” at trans people, and that he’s a master of his craft - no one is safe (the philosophy of comedy I ascribe to, and what it’s been based on since it’s inception). Dave set up a fund for her children, later making the joke “Your father was a great woman!”

Dave mixes humor with real shit in a very eloquent way. I think the current 2021 perpetually offended Twitter tranny (and allies, alike) can’t handle this, especially when it comes from someone of a minority group (can’t use the racism accusation, that destroys many a foe quite easily - not very effective). Yes, transwomen are impeding on women’s spaces - especially in sports (weightlifters, runners, MMA fighters, etc. are smoking ciswomen and young girls - keeping them from scholarships and prize money in the name of social inclusion and tolerance). Predators and sex-offenders are claiming trans-ness as a way to attack/expose themselves (Ex. Wi Spa story that got a lot of traction, Loudon County school board covering up the rape of a young girl, etc.). These are issues that transpeople, especially transwomen should be front and center on - and speaking out against, in my opinion. We do not have the “moral high ground” on these issues.

Daphne Dorman told Dave, when they were discussing her being trans, “I’m not asking you to understand me. i’m asking you to believe that i’m going through a human experience”. This statement is so unbelievable powerful. We are all different people, from different locales, cultures, upbringings, etc. Trans-ness is not a monolith - or at least, it shouldn’t be. A uniform opinion from any minority group symbolizes to me that it’s been co-opted by external forces. That sounds like a cult, to me. The cult-like attack on Dave for this special is a tad-bit hyperbolic. Maybe if some of these militant trans people listened to Daphne, or let up a bit, she would still be here? Not trying to gaslight some of you, as you are trying to do to Dave (not like he gives a f*ck) or to others who agree with his comments/right to say them (most of us don’t give a f*ck either, lol) - but, it may be helpful to step outside of your echo chamber and listen to other perspectives. Comedy is not going to lead to someone killing a transperson, like me, in my opinion. However, what puts me in me in more danger, is the divisiveness and attempt at policing speech that is ongoing by a select few. Let comedy be funny, let children be free of indoctrination, and let’s listen to each other again.

Follow me at @clickclackcathy on Twitter for more shitposting/retweeting about pro wrestling, mixed martial arts, trans issues, and worldwide political nonsense. May be starting a SubStack soon - feel free to tip me if you enjoyed this content. Be well and be safe!


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Jan 01, 2023

"I read a few hours ago: “Let’s see if the news cycle for this outlasts Afghanistan”. This is funny to me - it exemplifies the way the media can twist people’s emotions with ease, when its in regards to the EXALTED LGBT+ protected class. Humor is not allowed to any degree, with these eternally victimized people, under the current Overton Window of political correctness."

You're a scumbag actually. Choke.


Unknown member
Oct 20, 2021

Hey, thanks for sharing! I like your sense of humour. Lesbians I know did take issue with Dave joking about punching a butch - but hey: no-one listens to women, so who'd know! lol Now that things are a bit clearer on the Western Front, I was hoping you might ditch the "cis", and just say women, and transwomen. I'm more likely to call trannies transwomen if they respect me, too. (of course, say whatever you want when you're in a casual setting) peace!

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