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An open letter to Texas families

Feb 28, 2022

On Feb 21, 2022 Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released a statement entitled:

Those with gender dysphoria have been subject to political/ideological battles for decades. With views more polarised than ever right now, there is a great deal of misinformation, particularly at the extremes. One side may have told you that your children will die by suicide if denied affirming medical interventions, while some on the other side are saying that you are abusing your children if you permit these medical interventions. Neither of these claims are supported by evidence. We know you love your children and are only motivated by the desire to protect them.

What is happening is complex, and decades in the making. The trans healthcare system is in crisis, which is being recognized around the globe. We too believe halting medical interventions for minors is necessary, not because your children are hated, but because they deserve safe, evidence-based, competent care. Our healthcare system has failed your children by prioritizing politics over professional standards.

However, we are troubled that this burden has been placed upon you, as parents, by Mr Paxton. We do not agree with this heavy-handed and misguided approach. We are in favour of what countries like Finland and Sweden have done: conduct independent systematic reviews of the evidence and write guidelines which clinicians must follow. We strongly agree with their emphasis on exploratory psychotherapy prior to any medical interventions.

We suggest that you forward these Swedish guidelines to your legislators and lobby for the implementation of similar practices, rather than blanket banning and criminalizing parents. Our healthcare system needs to be guarded from political interference.

Please know, many compassionate and skilled people world-wide are working tirelessly to correct our system and end this crisis. Please be reassured, reassure your children, and hang on.

Warm regards,

Gender Dysphoria Alliance

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3 bình luận

Thành viên không xác định
13 thg 3, 2022

ANY medicalization of children IS CHILD ABUSE. What's the issue? Wanting to protect the parents feelings above the child's health and mental well being? GDA is a joke! I mean seriously, to have women parading around as men as the lead... that is a foul example for children and then pretend to care about children being medicalized & transed... You're Kidding, Right?!


Thành viên không xác định
10 thg 3, 2022

In the USA, therapists specializing in "gender therapy" are committed to affirm the need for medical interventions. Avoid rubber-stamping therapists and seek therapists willing to let nature take its course and help the child accept and love his/her body thru the changes brought on by puberty.


Thành viên không xác định
02 thg 3, 2022

For a detailed look at the revised Swedish guidelines, check out SEGM's summary:

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