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Candidate Pledge Request


We are a group of concerned clinicians, parents, and people with gender dysphoria (GD) (some who have medically transitioned, some who are managing their GD non-medically, and others who have returned to their natal sex identification). There has been an exponential increase in children and young people seeking gender transition in Canada. At the same time, there is growing, worldwide concern about the recently adopted and poorly understood “affirmation” approach being applied to gender- questioning children and young people, and a corresponding loss of faith across the political spectrum in the professional community advocating for these services. 


We are requesting that Canada follow the lead of other progressive countries to ensure that parents, educators, and medical professionals are able to safeguard young people from inappropriate interventions and protect the independence of clinicians to support those who experience gender dysphoria with evidence-based clinical approaches. 


Call To Action


Show your concern and support by signing the candidate pledge below. As a supportive background document, please refer to the FAQ attached. 

Candidate’s Pledge


I pledge to support a free discussion of gender identity issues with fair representation of all points of view. In particular, to ensure we safeguard Canadian children from unnecessary and potentially harmful medical interventions, I pledge to require the Canadian government to conduct a non-partisan and unbiased review of the current medical and mental health practices being offered to gender-questioning children and young people in Canada. 


  1. By directing the appropriate agency of Health Canada to conduct a review of the diagnosis and treatment of gender dysphoria in minors along the lines of the reviews in Finland, Sweden, and the UK with a view to developing reliable and unbiased clinical guidelines based on the available international evidence.

  2. By ensuring that the Canadian government does not inadvertently legislate a one-way path to medical transition with a poorly worded conversion therapy ban that eliminates options for gender-questioning children to access neutral psychotherapy as a treatment option.

  3. To provide support for research into detransition and desistance in order to create an informed and complete understanding of the outcomes of various gender healthcare pathways.

By signing this pledge, your name and riding will be publicly listed. 

Sign the Pledge

Thank-you for taking the pledge!

Tag your candidate using the hashtag #SafeGenderCare

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